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Welcome to the Kemoverse -- a world, not much unlike ours, but where you are one among the furry species known as Kemono.

Kemoverse: Online is an online social roleplaying game where you live your life in the city of Vara, situated in the depths of the northern Suema forests with a small and familiar community college.  Although it can be intimidating to start fresh in a new town, remember that this place is all about you, yourself, and what you want to do.

Who are you? You get to decide! You can be an outsider or a student, work a side job or devote to classes, talk with people or be by yourself -- and you can write letters, draw on walls, leave your trash or clean up after others! Or, host a bonfire with fellow students or go hiking with your friends, or go wandering for your own immersion.

You get to design yourself and show off yourself to others. But remember, as a student, you must participate in school, or you will be expelled! 

Thank you for paying attention to The Kemoverse Online! The game is currently in heavy development and has been for over the past 2 years. The original idea for the setting goes back at least 4 years as I'm aiming for a unique synthesis between Bully, Second life and the furry school style. Hope you are as excited for it as I am! I develop this game completely alone. If you'd like to support the continuous development, please check out my Patreon where i continually update the status of the game.

Updated 14 days ago
StatusIn development
GenreRole Playing
Made withGodot
Tags3D, Furry, kemono, social
Average sessionDays or more
MultiplayerServer-based networked multiplayer


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