A downloadable game for Windows

Welcome to the Kemoverse -- a world, not much unlike ours, but one where you are a furry.

Kemoverse Online is an online social game where you live your life in the city of Vara at a small and familiar community college.  Although it can feel intimidating to start fresh in a new town, remember that it's all about yourself.

Who are you? You get to decide! You start off as a plain student, but the more you explore and interact with others, both offline and online, then the more clothes, items and belongings you will get and slowly grow in to what makes yourself. Feeling shy? Don't worry, just talk with characters who'll take you through the game story at your own pace to unlock areas and items. Feeling sociable instead? Sure, log in and enjoy spending time with your friends, or make new ones.

When it's all about yourself... it really is! Do you feel like being a menace, like drawing graffiti or leaving trash all over the place? Sure thing. Or, do you want to clean up the campus and water the plants? That too. Hang out near the bonfire, visit the lake, or visit the school clubs to see what people have done and are doing. Feel like borrowing costumes to dress up, cook some food for others, or slip in to hiking gear for the forest? Go ahead!

You get to appear and be yourself in the city of Vara. But remember to attend the classes, or you'll get expelled...

Thank you for paying attention to Kemoverse Online! The game is currently in Alpha development. I'm aiming to fulfill an idea I had way back -- a furry school game -- and I intend it to be a mixture of Bully and Second Life in the old school PS2 style. Formally, I would describe it as an "online school simulator" since that's all I want it to be: lots of worldbuilding, plenty of different areas, and interesting characters with added online functionality.

Hope you are as excited for it as I am! I'm the main developer of it under the studio Kemze Studio. If you'd like to help me out, you can either hop in to the Forum and chat to me (interest and encouragement always makes me excited to work!) or you can check out my Patreon where you can get access to frequent Alpha builds. Thank you!


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